Use transitional words and phrases, which show the connection between the sources; e.g., Although Dunn (2014) found that microbiome network interactions can be elucidated by metabolomics, Reese (2015) contends that an interdisciplinary approach is ideal the to elucidate the many host-microbe interactions within the microbiome and Recent studies (Black, 2012; Higgenbotham, 2013; Stockman, 2015) indicate that these combined molecular, and biochemical approaches can identify new pathways and interactions associated with the microbiome.

Assignment Guidelines Please write a 15 to 20-page literature review (single spaced; ~50 references), including figures if appropriate, about a microbiology-related topic that interests you. Additional pages can be used for references. What is a literature review? A literature review may be published as an independent report or as part of a larger report. The […]