There are times when you will be able to write down a paper but have no time to go through it. Proofreading is a very critical part of your assignment and it is highly advisable to go through your work once you are done so as to correct any small mistakes that may cost you a lot when it comes to the final grading. Usually it is hard for one to notice their own mistakes so it is advisable to have someone else go through your paper for you so that you do not have the risk of overlooking something.

We offer proofreading services at where you can send your finished paper and we will assign it to a proofreader who will go through it thoroughly and make sure that everything is in order including:

  • word spelling
  • word and sentence meaning
  • punctuation
  • diction

We always ensure that we engage you in the whole proof reading process so that we explain to you why we have to make any changes and it is only after your approval that we make changes on your document so that we do not end up changing its structure or doing it in a way that might not please you. You will therefore be required to be readily available at all times as we proofread your paper so that if you need to be reached for any query it can be done with ease.

This service is free if we write a particular paper for you but if you have written your own paper you will be required to pay a small fee for the proofreading service. Our proof readers are professionals who are native English speakers and who are well aware of the rules and regulations governing the language so you can rest assured that your paper is being handled by an expert who knows what they are doing. If you have any written paper that needs proper proofreading get ordering with us at

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