What is idealessaywriters.com?

This is one of the very frequent questions that we get. Idealessaywriters.com is a writing and editing company that helps you with any form of quality and high standard academic writing help. We help students who come to us for help with research papers, any kind of essay, doctorate dissertations, Master’s thesis, term papers, coursework assignments of any form, and even high school papers! We also offer proofreading services on any paper that you might have written yourself so as to rid it of any grammatical errors and ensure that every sentence makes sense.
What is the qualification of your writers?

Before our writers are chosen they have to go through a rigorous process of assessment and interviews. This is so as to ensure that they have what it takes to join our world-class writing company. The least academic qualification that they have is an undergraduate degree from a recognizable school and they should also exhibit ability to write commendable works that can garner good grades. Our highest qualified writers have doctorate degrees.
How do I make an Order?

To make your first order you will need to go to our order page. Here, you will need to give us a few details concerning the order you intend to make and some personal details that will help in the identification and tracking of your paper as it is being worked on. The process is very simple but if you have any trouble you can always contact us and we will be ready to assist you in making your first order!
How sure am I that my paper will be delivered on time?

Our company is fully sufficient to handle any amount of work load and if for some reason we find that we might not be able to work on your order due to the work load that we have we will be sure to let you know immediately. WE never take on any task before being sure that we can deliver on time in accordance to your deadline so if you see us taking your order you can rest assured that it will be availed to you in due  time.
How will the finished paper get to me?

Once the writer dealing with your paper is through with it and all checks have been done, we will use the personal account we created for you and you can download your finished paper from there. We can also send it directly to your email if that is your wish.
Is there a guarantee of confidentiality?
Idealessaywriters.com has a strict privacy policy and all our staff is well aware of it. Every personal detail that you provide to us will only be used with the intention of serving you better and it will not at any time, be availed to any third parties. That is a guarantee from us.
Do you sell your papers after delivery?

Idealessaywriters.com works against a very strict anti-plagiarism policy. Every paper that we write is meant for a single client and we do not at any time do duplicates. Even when you need essay examples from us, they will always be original papers that have not been used before.




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