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Robbery and Extortion

The action of breaking into someone’s property and taking their possessions without their consent is termed as robbery. Additionally, robbery involves force intimidation, or violence to the victim. On the other hand, extortion is obtaining things from others by charging them extra than the normal. In the process, the victims of extortion might not realize […]

High Speed Rail Road, Problems, and Solutions for Crossing Tehachipi Mountains

A proposal by the California high-speed track authority seeks to develop a high-speed railway that connects the Central valley and the city. The proposed high-speed railroad in the state of California is faced with significant challenges and problems for its success. The proposed high-speed railroad is meant to pass through the Tehachapi Mountains, which is […]

I Have a Dream Speech Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography Bobbitt, David A. The Rhetoric of Redemption: Kenneth Burke’s Redemption Drama and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” Speech. Lanham, Md: Rowman & Littefield Publishers, 2004. Print. This book contains the historical speech presented by Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963. In addition to documenting the words of this renowned American […]

Evaluation of the Historical Event I have a dream

Evaluation of the Historical Event I have a dream speech is one of the key pieces delivered by Martin Luther King, Jr. to the general populace during the era of racial discrimination in the United States. This public speech was presented by this renowned civil rights advocate on 28th August 1963 as a way of […]

Statistics for Social Sciences

Part I A statistic of the New York subway stops presents differences in the medium household income for the different areas that the subway passes. Focusing on Park place and E180 St., presents a similar difference in the household income. The median household income in Park place is 205,192 dollars as compared to E 180 […]

The Idea and the Reality of Collective Security

1.International Organizations, Chapter 7, “Collective Security & Its Alternatives: Theory and Practice,”143-177. 2. Miller, Lynn. 1999. The Idea and the Reality of Collective Security. In: Global Governance; Jul-Sep 1999; 5, 3. 3.Collective Security at a Crossroads, Conference panel: NY Conference 2010: 21st century threats and the future of collective security use these 3 articles and […]

Clients, finding work, Marketing

The intention of this pro-forma is to provoke and lead discussion, and to help to divide topics into the 5 areas that the students’ essays should be focused on. It is not anticipated that every job will have something to say for each of the questions, and the focus of the conversation should be led […]

Reflection Paper

In this paper, you will choose 2 readings and 1 case study from this course to critique your studio work. Analyze your designs. How do they promote the idea of restorative commons, biophilic design, community? This may be challenging. Think about the “grandparent test”: can you describe and present the concepts we have learned in […]

Study Guide

Please create a Study Guide on the following chapters: Common Agricultural Policy – Nugent, Chapter 20 Competition Policy – Nello, Chapter 17 EU Budget and Budget Process – Nugent, Chapter 22 EU Financial Crisis – readings per Syllabus (posted on Blackboard – you already have my username password to access Blackboard) The name of the […]

Career Plan

Assessment Plan As Wortham (2012) states: When teachers and other professionals conduct assessments with infants and young children, they need to be sensitive to the special requirements of working with very young children. They also need to be constantly aware of professional ethics that are necessary when conducting assessments with all children (p. 47) For […]