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the beginnings of the space program

this discussion activity, address the following: This time period saw the beginning of the American space program, from the first artificial satellites to the plans for landing men on the Moon. Discuss the advances in rocketry and other technology that made this possible. After being upstaged by Soviets’ launching of Sputnik in 1957, the United […]

Robbery and Extortion

The action of breaking into someone’s property and taking their possessions without their consent is termed as robbery. Additionally, robbery involves force intimidation, or violence to the victim. On the other hand, extortion is obtaining things from others by charging them extra than the normal. In the process, the victims of extortion might not realize […]

Faculty member interview

Faculty Member Interview: Conduct a personal interview with a faculty member who teaches in an area of study that is of interest to you. A guide will be provided for this interview. Write a one to two page (typed, double spaced) report regarding this interview, summarizing the information received and your reaction to what was […]

how could the Theogony bring release to a broken mind

This course we are working with the idea that myths are stories told for a point, tailored with a specific audience in mind. And we have used this idea over and over while reading the Odyssey by Homer, Theogony by Hesiod, and other texts. For the previous essay, you pretended that you had been selected […]

discussing poster from ww1 ww2 and revolutions

discussing poster from ww1 ww2 and revolutions- 6 exapmples altogethe- concentrate on problematics related to such concepts as ideology, propaganada and power. the aim of the course paper is to give you experience in the formal presentation of research. this is your opportunity to present the information you have gathered on, and your response to […]


The Research Question: Who is most likely to send sext messages? Hypothesis 1: Females are more likely than males to sext Hypothesis 2: People who are confident in their appearance are more likely to sext Hypothesis 3: Teens and young adults are more likely to sext than older adults. The text above is my research […]

High Speed Rail Road, Problems, and Solutions for Crossing Tehachipi Mountains

A proposal by the California high-speed track authority seeks to develop a high-speed railway that connects the Central valley and the city. The proposed high-speed railroad in the state of California is faced with significant challenges and problems for its success. The proposed high-speed railroad is meant to pass through the Tehachapi Mountains, which is […]

China’s trade and investment relations with African countries.

1.The paper should be divided into sections such as:Introduction, Review of the literature, data and methodology, main issues/findings, and conclusions,and references.It should contain an abstract which be written before the introduction. The abstract should be limited to about 250 words. The abstract should indicate the main objectives, methods, and findings of the paper. Different sections […]