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Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies

Choose an industry one publicly traded corporation within that industry. Research the company on its own Website, the public filings on the Securities and Exchange Commission sources you can find. The annual report will often provide insights that can help address some of these questions. Analyze the business-level strategies for the corporation you chose to […]

The Idea and the Reality of Collective Security

1.International Organizations, Chapter 7, “Collective Security & Its Alternatives: Theory and Practice,”143-177. 2. Miller, Lynn. 1999. The Idea and the Reality of Collective Security. In: Global Governance; Jul-Sep 1999; 5, 3. 3.Collective Security at a Crossroads, Conference panel: NY Conference 2010: 21st century threats and the future of collective security use these 3 articles and […]

Clients, finding work, Marketing

The intention of this pro-forma is to provoke and lead discussion, and to help to divide topics into the 5 areas that the students’ essays should be focused on. It is not anticipated that every job will have something to say for each of the questions, and the focus of the conversation should be led […]

Reflection Paper

In this paper, you will choose 2 readings and 1 case study from this course to critique your studio work. Analyze your designs. How do they promote the idea of restorative commons, biophilic design, community? This may be challenging. Think about the “grandparent test”: can you describe and present the concepts we have learned in […]

Study Guide

Please create a Study Guide on the following chapters: Common Agricultural Policy – Nugent, Chapter 20 Competition Policy – Nello, Chapter 17 EU Budget and Budget Process – Nugent, Chapter 22 EU Financial Crisis – readings per Syllabus (posted on Blackboard – you already have my username password to access Blackboard) The name of the […]

Career Plan

Assessment Plan As Wortham (2012) states: When teachers and other professionals conduct assessments with infants and young children, they need to be sensitive to the special requirements of working with very young children. They also need to be constantly aware of professional ethics that are necessary when conducting assessments with all children (p. 47) For […]

Patterns of Sexual Behavior

Choose two of the statistics from the chapter on “Patterns of Sexual Behavior” on pp. 370-371. List each statistic in quotes with the page number and for each discuss in detail if you believe the statistic to be true or false based only on your own observations of those around you. Do NOT use real […]

Content Area Activities for the Home

Compile 20 activities for language, math, science, social studies, and art (4 activities for each subject area) for parents to use at home with their children. Activities must be developmentally and age appropriate practice for young children and must be selected from various sources. Prepare an annotated activities list including a written explanation (25-50 words) […]


Use the attached article and use the information to support your opinion. Shelly Taylor, a well-respected health psychologist, says that pain is a psychological experience. Do you agree with this statement? Use the information provided in the pain readings (Haig, 2007; Keefe & France, 1999) to support your answer; do NOT use anecdotal evidence (i.e., […]

Weekly Response 2: Character Analysis

Weekly Response 2: Character Analysis Readings (Look in class library for readings, by organized by author’s last name). I suggest you read in the following order. 1. By Sunday (April 12), please watch the film, Cesar Chavez, currently in theaters. [film] 2. Moraga, “Heroes and Saints” [excerpt from a play] 3. Ruiz, “Citizen restaurant” [article] […]