ZIP all required project files and documents together and submit for grading.

For this assignment you will be submitting the final version of your project for this assignment. All required functionality should be complete and the project should be well-tested. You should use the results of the test plan developed in the Case Study assignment to ensure your application is of sufficient quality for release.

The Release version should address the following requirements:

The application should match the design created earlier in the course with the exception of any changes required to address problems or conform to a revised timeline.
All functionality should be fully operational with no known significant problems.
Connections to outside components should be fully functioning at the complete level required to support program functionality.
The visual interface should be complete.
There should complete functionality with the required database for the project.
All code should be well-documented with comments.
The program should run without any known significant errors.
Include a document called operation.doctorate describes how to operate the application.
This document should provide sufficient information to allow the instructor to set up and operate the application.
Identify any external system requirements
Key parts of the application should be identified (i.e., tell the instructor where to find the important parts of the application and changes that have been made since the last submission).
Include a section called STATUS with a summary of the current status of your project including any remaining known issues.
ZIP all required project files and documents together and submit for grading.

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