Write the descriptions in your own words. Do not plagiarize the text. “COMPLETE” means more than a mere listing of the piece or media used.

Drawing, Painting, Print LIST


1. READ Chapter 7 (Drawing), Chapter 8 (Painting) and Chapter 9 (Printmaking & Graphic Design) in the text. (Text downloading link below)


2. CHOOSE 1 drawing (from Chapter 7), 1 painting (from Chapter 8) and 1 print (from Chapter 9) shown in the text. Choose pieces that are as DIFFERENT AS POSSIBLE IN STYLE and MEDIA USED.

3. WRITE a descriptive 300-word explanation about each-piece. In each, include:

(a) The title, artist’s name, year, and page number on which it appears in the text.

(b) A complete description of the piece itself – 100 WORDS in first paragraph.

(c) A complete description of the media used – 100 WORDS in second paragraph.

(d) Your opinion on why you found the piece and choice of media unusual or interesting – 50 WORDS in third paragraph.

(e) Write the descriptions in your own words. Do not plagiarize the text. “COMPLETE” means more than a mere listing of the piece or media used.

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