write compare and contrast between two works that I wrote .

INSTRUCTIONS for Compare and Contrast Essay:

( Edgar Heap of Birds, Diary of Trees). and ( Beverly Pepper, Denver Monoliths).

3 pages, double spaced, MLA

write compare and contrast between two works that I wrote . Identify artist, title, medium (materials used), date and scale of each work as far as you are able.

Begin your paper with a description and placement of the works. Provide a brief background of each artist.

As you think critically and form your opinions about the two works of art you are evaluating, follow these seven steps:

Identify the artists’ decisions and choices

Ask questions/be curious

Describe the object

Question your assumptions

Avoid an emotional response

Do not oversimplify or misrepresent the art object

Tolerate uncertainty

Critical Thinking Skills.

Your essay should clearly define the main points of contrast and comparison between the two works. Evaluate the artist’s differing purposes and subject matter.

In your conclusion, evaluate the works in terms of subject matter and presentation. Which work do you think is the more successful? Why or why not.

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