Write an essay on ‘ Adult Orthodontics’.

Please can you write an essay on ‘ Adult Orthodontics’ under the following subsections: ( I have will upload this in a word file)
1. Adult Orthodontics an Overview
2. Classification
a. Comprehensive
b. Adjunctive
c. Age
3. Differences between child/adolescent and adult orthodontic
a. Age-related
i. Medical history
ii. Lack of growth
iii. Temporomandibular joint dysfunction
iv. Reduced vascularity and cell turnover
b. Periodontal/restorative
i. Periodontal factors
ii. Restorative Factors
c. Psychosocial
4. Prevalence of adult orthodontics
5. Adult demographics
a. Gender
b. Age
c. Socioeconomic Status
6. Motivations for adult orthodontics
7. Adult malocclusions
a. Skeletal and Incisor/Molar Relationships
b. Overjet and Overbite
c. Crowding and Spacing
8. Factors relating to adult treatment
a. Referral pattern
b. Re-treatment
c. Type of adult orthodontic treatment
i. Removable appliances=stats
ii. Aesthetic appliances = stats
iii. Interdisciplinary treatment
iv. Anchorage
v. Extractions
vi. Retainer choice
9. Treatment Experience
a. Fear of pain
b. Embarrassment
c. Expense
d. Duration of treatment
e. Speech difficulties
f. Lack of information

I have added 2 new files called ‘adult ortho proffitt’ and ;adult ortho handbook’- these are chapters from books, and is not to be used as a source to quote from, however, it will be helpful to organize a structure and give information on the topic.

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