Write an essay arguing your position on this issue.

Choose an issue about which you have strong feelings. You should have already chosen your topic. Write an essay arguing your position on this issue. Your purpose is to try to convince your audience to take your argument seriously and to persuade them to agree with you. Therefore, you will want to acknowledge readers’ opposing views as well as objections or questions they might have. Include support from three outside scholarly sources. Use MLA format. This is when you will outside sources and documentation.See Chapters 15-18 for help if you are unfamiliar with incorporating research or document using MLA style. Be sure to ask me questions as well as your group during workshop. Banned Topics: Abortion, Gay Marriage, Lowering the Drinking Age, Marijuana Legalization. I also highly discourage: stem cell research, euthanasia and Creationism. Your paper should be 5 pages in length.

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