Write an argumentative essay in which you make a claim about a social justice issue.

Progression 3 Essay Prompt: Write an argumentative essay in which you make a claim about a social justice issue. I have chosen this topic because in the book Every Day, A is exposed to many social justice issues through his experiences in different bodies. The following topics are all touched upon in the novel. You will select a topic from the following issues: drug addiction; LGBTQ issues; poverty/unequal distribution of wealth; labor issues (underage workers/exploitation of undocumented workers); animal rights; identity theft; mental illness/depression; obesity; women’s rights. Your essay should have a clear thesis/argument about this particular issue. Include at least three secondary sources (either summarized/paraphrased or quoted) in your essay.

Final Draft Criteria:

1. Topic Selection: Focuses on one specific social justice issue from the above choices.

2. Title: The title should be both creative and informative.

3. Thesis: Makes a clear, specific, and debatable argument about a chosen social justice issue.

4. Development/Support: Ideas are fully developed. Three scholarly sources (either books or essays/articles found either on library databases or .edu/.gov websites) used to support your thesis.

5. Content: The essay contains enough support and evidence from sources (quoted, paraphrased, or summarized) to be potentially convincing. The ideas are clear and well thought out.

6. Organization: The ideas appear in a logical order. The paper uses transitions to move from one idea to the next. Each body paragraph should discuss a different point.

7. Spelling/Grammar/Mechanics: The paper is virtually free of spelling, grammar, or mechanical errors.

8. Page Length: The paper is at least 4 complete pages long. Papers less than 4 COMPLETE pages will not earn a passing grade.

9. MLA Citation: The paper uses MLA style citation for quotes, paraphrases, summaries, and a Works Cited page.

10. MLA Formatting: The paper uses MLA formatting, including 12-point, Times New Roman font, double spacing, one inch margins, etc.

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