Write an annotated bibliography related to cloning.

For this assignment, you will write an annotated bibliography related to cloning. These sources should be books, peer reviewed journal articles, and other relevant sources approved by your instructor. Since the research you’re doing is scholarly, you will only use scholarly sources to support your claims. (That means no Wikipedia or Dictionary entries, for example.) You must annotate ten sources using no less than 250 words per entry. Your annotated bibliography must be in MLA format. Sort your entries alphabetically.


Give me the bibliographic entry in MLA format.

Summarize the article.

Evaluate the article. How might it be useful to your future writing assignment

Repeat until you have 10 entries.

Edit for grammar.




Length – Does the annotated bibliography have 10 entries? And do the entries meet the required length of 250 words?


MLA is a requirement. This means Times New Roman, 12 point font, correctly formatted, with the sources in alphabetical order and cited correctly

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