Write a thoughtful 8-10 page narrative report, following APA formatting guidelines

Write a thoughtful 8-10 page narrative report, following APA formatting guidelines, integrating the scholarly literature and addressing the main content areas described below. I will provide articles that are to be used as well as the case study that is to be used. ONLY these articles and case study may be used.

  • RELEVANT HISTORY and PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: Are there any relevant aspects of the client’s history or the client’s characteristics, as reported in the Case Study, which might be relevant to understanding his or her current circumstances? How might you address those? If none are directly mentioned, what aspects would you want to inquire about or assess?
  • ASSESSMENT & DIAGNOSIS: Referring to DSM-5 criteria for the disorder(s) in question, discuss specific symptoms that would lead to a substance use diagnosis in this case.  What type(s) of assessment would be most relevant? Are there symptoms that are NOT evident that would need to be confirmed? Do you suspect the presence of other mental health diagnoses?
  • CAUSAL FACTORS: What theory or theories might best explain the development of this disorder in this individual? What factors – Biological, Psychological, Sociocultural – likely played the most significant role in the development of the symptoms as they are presented in the case? Be as specific as possible
  • TREATMENT: Which treatment modalities offer the most likely help for this client? What specific techniques would be recommended?
  • PROGNOSIS: Based on your understanding of the case, what do you believe is the likely prognosis for this client? How would you define treatment “success” in this case? What factors might influence that success or failure?
The paper will end with a minimum of two substantive paragraphs summarizing points made and articulating a personal reflection (written in the first-person) of the case study analysis process.
On submission your work will auto-run through Turnitin.com’s plagiarism checker software.  A Turnitin.com report percentage higher than 24% will be reviewed and may result in a zero assignment score without option for revision and resubmission to recoup lost points.
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