Write a story from a different point of view.

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Project Options are designed to allow students flexibility in their approach to reflect on the course. It is to show evidence of careful and thoughtful development of the subject with attention to appropriate depth and detail. The project should be clear, coherent, and well organized. It should be free of errors that hinder meaning and free of plagiarized material.

Course Project Description For your project, choose one of the following options:

The options I picked is the following: Prose Mash Up: Write a story from a different point of view. You may take an entire story’s plot and write a version as someone else would tell it. You may have to edit the piece down to a workable length. Your project should be 1,000 to 1,500 words in length with proper use of quotations and citations.

For example, in Jack London’s "To Build A Fire," how would the story have changed if seen through the eyes of his canine companion?

*Study the Project Rubric before submitting the assignment. Sample citation from our textbook: London, Jack. "To Build a Fire." American Literature Since the Civil War. Create edition. McGraw-Hill, 2011. 114-124. e-Book.

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