Write a short paragraph about the status of human trafficking in the country

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Book Assignment Guidelines:
1. Choose a country that is not mentioned in the book “A Crime So Monstrous”.
2. Research your chosen country. You may use online sources, print sources, video sources etc. Try to find a wide range of information from reputable sources so that you have accurate details.
3. Record facts about your chosen country:
a. Visit the CIA World Fact Book at https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/
i. Record the population and age structure
ii. Record the child labor rate
iii. Record any other data you find to be relevant – FIND AT LEAST TWO OTHER FACTS
b. Write a short paragraph about the status of human trafficking in the country
iv. Include if the country is a supply nation, demand nation, or a combination of the two.
v. If you can find numbers or estimates, include them
vi. If there are no good estimates, then describe how widespread the problem is suspected to be
vii. Talk about the kind of trafficking – forced labor, indentured servitude, sex work, a combination of several, etc.
4. Use the fact book and other source you find to determine the factors that create vulnerability.
a. Make a conclusion about why trafficking is a problem in this nation and what practical measures could be taken to end it.

5. Lastly, find at least one organization that is doing something to combat human trafficking in your country of choice.
a. List the organization name
b. Describe their efforts
c. Include how the average person can get involved and help with the organization’s mission
d. Include all the relevant contact information so that a student at Brookhaven could become involved.

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