Write a Research paper on Gun Control


The Research Paper

Prof. Brian Altano


The paper is five pages long, and will therefore consist of approximately 10 paragraphs. If we consider each of the paragraphs as a separate block (as we did for the Natural Determiners and the Lying essays), the writing process becomes a bit easier.


General Process for the Essay:

  1. Pre-writing: Think and Plan for your writing. Brainstorm, collect information, organize your material, and write outlines for the work as a whole and for the individual paragraphs.


  1. Draft: Use the ideas and outlines developed in the pre-writing step. Use structures that are appropriate to your purpose.


  1. Revision:Read over your draft. Decide what parts have to be improved. See if there are any further details needed.


  1. Edit:Check thoroughly in the following areas: grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Use a dictionary, spell check, grammar check, and a grammar/style book.


  1. Final Proof:Carefully re-read the entire paper to be handed in.


Specific division and function of the paragraphs: [tailored for a paper on the homeless]


Paragraph 1: Present a general introduction to the broad topic, beginning with an expansive topic sentence [i.e. Homelessness is one of the most common plagues of modern society. or Whenever we travel to New York City, we are confronted with hundreds of homeless people] You might start with a eye-catching introduction such as “They live in cardboard boxes in front of apartments with $2000 a mont rent.” or “Although they live right there on the street, they are invisible to most people.” You might add that there are many interesting ways of looking at the situation, the way that it affects children, the economics of the homeless, etc. The first paragraph should be interesting and attract the attention of the reader.


Paragraph 2: In this paragraph, present your THESIS STATEMENT for the paper. This is the specific aspect of the homeless that you chose when you narrowed the broad topic to a smaller, more manageable one.


Paragraphs 3-4: In these two paragraphs you will present your first main point about the narrowed topic. Paragraph 4 should contain a quotation from one of your sources, and analyze this quote in four sentences.




Paragraphs 5-6 In these two paragraphs you will present your second main point about the narrowed topic. Begin Paragraph 6 will a quotation from one of your sources, and analyze this quote in four sentences.


Paragraph 7: This paragraph will introduce your 3rd main point, which will probably not be as rich as the previous 2. Try to use 1 citation.


Paragraph 8: If appropriate to your topic, paragraph 8 should present a specific example of a homeless person, either one interviewed for this paper, or one that you read about in your research. If the person is one you read about, be sure to include the citation.


Paragraph 9:  The next-to last paragraph constitutes the CONCLUSION of the paper. In this paragraph you will summarize the three main points that you made in the body of the paper and the citations used. The conclusion in paragraph 9 will resemble the presentation of the topic in paragraph 2.


Paragraph 10: For this paper the last paragraph will present your personal reaction to the topic and how (or if) it has changed your attitude towards the homeless. This paragraph will be similar to the last paragraph in the LYING PAPER, in which you told if the fact that you kept a lying journal might change your behavior in the future.




Paragraph 1 (general, the broad topic), Paragraph 2 (specific, the narrowed topic)



Main Point 1

Paragraphs 3-4

at least 1 quote, paraphrase, or summary from a source

Main Point 2

Paragraph 5-6

at least 1 quote, paraphrase, or summary from a source

Main Point 3

Paragraph 7


Specific Example [if this fits your topic]

Paragraph 8



Paragraph 9 (summarizes the 3 main points and the sources)



Paragraph 10

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