Write a report on an environmental topic that the local citizenry is actively discussing.

Research Paper Guidelines News Article The Scenario: You are an investigative reporter for the Balanced Times newspaper. You have been asked to write a report on an environmental topic that the local citizenry is actively discussing. The Topic: You must select a topic and pitch your idea to the editor of the newspaper. Pick a subject that interests you and that you feel you can find cooperative interviewees for your story. Although the actual topic can be imagined, the facts will be real, and the emotions portrayed will be real. The Requirements: Interviews: You must include interviews from people from both sides of the controversy. You’ll need at least two but more would be better – you may get friends or family to help you. Research: You must include the facts of the matter. From interviews, books, and other research, find out what the scientists, engineers, etc. have to say. Be sure to strip out all emotional arguments from this portion so that you only get the hard facts – no hype. Cutting and pasting is not research! Citations for your research are required. Un-cited information is plagiarism and is not acceptable. No citations, no grade, no exceptions. Balance: You will not make a judgment about the appropriateness of either side of the controversy. Your task is to fairly present the various sides, whether emotional or factual. Length: For submission to the editor, your report must be between 1,200 and 1,500 words long (approximately 5 to 7 pages). Neatly handwritten text will be accepted, but the editor will be counting words and pages based on typed text. Supplemental Information: Include at least one graphic. Photos, graphs, or other images that aid the reader in understanding the arguments should be included; however, they are not counted towards the total length of the article. That is, four big graphs and two pages of text won’t cut it. Grading: The editor absolutely hats typographical errors, check spelling and grammar carefully. All quotations must list the source by name, publication, agency, etc. (no protected sources – everyone gets quoted in our paper). Your writing style should be concise, and clear. Avoid using too many words when a few simple well-chosen words could say the same thing in a much shorter space so that we don’t have to edit out useless information or bore the reader into not finishing the article that we worked so hard to put together for them. In other words, get to the point. And by all means, avoid redundant repetitiveness! Due Date: The final date for submission of your article is November 15, 2016. No late submissions can be accepted for grading purposes, no exceptions. Citation location and format: In the text of the paper cite the referenced work at the end of the referenced material. All information that was taken from someone else’s work MUST be cited. You may use either MLA or APA format for citations and bibliography, just be consistent

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