Write a reflective essay that demonstrates a significant personal insight into your development as a strategist.

Each individual is to write a reflective essay that demonstrates a significant personal insight into your development as a strategist. Your reflective essay needs to demonstrate an active engagement with both theory and your personal experience and it must demonstrate how exposure to the strategic management theory has (or has not) changed the way you think/act and what, if any plans you have to build on this in the future.


Essay structure

Introduction ( 150 words )

*Brief introduction on benefits of stragetigic management


Paragraph 1 ( 300 words )- Connections to Experience

*Meaningfully synthesises examples of life experiences, drawn from a variety of contexts (e.g, , family life, civic involvement , work experience), to deeper understanding of concopls/lhconos /frameworks from Ihe field of strategy


Paragraph 2 ( 300 words ) – Connections to Discipline

*Creates wholes out of multiple pads (synthesizes) or draws conclusions by combining examples, feels, or theories from the field of sirategy and a range of fields of study.


Paragraph 3 ( 300 words ) – Transfer

* Adapts and applies skills, abilities, theories, or methodologies gained in one situation to new situations to solve difficult problems or explore complex issues in original ways.



Paragraph 4 ( 300 words ) Reflection and Self-Assessment

* Envisions a future self (and possibly makes plans that build on past experiences that

have occurred across multiple and diverse contexts)


Conclusion ( 150 words )

*Reineforce the points covered in para 1-3



“““““““““““““Guiding points“““““““““““““““

• How exposure to the strategic management theories changed the way we think and act?


o Has the strategy concepts help you understand the business environment better? Has it help you to interact with the business/potential businesses you want to be hired in? Has it change the way you think about the business environment?


o Did strategy concepts help you establish connections between this module and other modules? E.g. Entrepreneurial process, organisational behaviour, marketing etc. Explain the linkage and how it helped you in the other modules?


o How else would you apply what you have learnt to solving complex problems outside of the classroom, give you different perspectives to view the complex problems and solving them? How have you learnt with ambiguity and uncertainty? Handling stress, ambiguity, etc. Widen our awareness


o How strategy concepts help you make better decisions? Understanding the impact of many different factors. Example: PESTEL affects the way we look at strategy. PESTEL and Porters’ 5 Forces allow us to identify the dominant factors, which will help us recommend strategy alliance ( that has limited liability/risk in the case of Baptcare ). Strategic capabilities affect the recommendations.


• How does the theories learnt in SM help us moving forward?

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