Write a 4-5-page essay that draws from research into some aspect of either violence and the media or ways to address poverty.

Brief Researched Essay

You will write a 4-5-page essay that draws from research into some aspect of either violence and the media or ways to address poverty. (I am going to write about WAYS TO ADDRESS POVERTY)
Consider the discussions you’ve engaged in with your classmates.
What opinions have you read that peaked your curiosity? What new information did you learn? What would you like to know more about? What left you with more questions? Read the essays again, but this time with a researcher’s eye – what points of view would you challenge? The topics are plentiful –the key is to select one that you are truly interested in.
To discover possible topics . . .
Consider how you might extend or possibly even challenge some of what you’ve read in “Aggression…” and “The Singer Solution…” as well as the additional readings. For instance, some of our readings drew from examples dominated by young, white, educated Americans. Do similar relationship patterns apply to people of other age cohorts, other ethnic groups, other nationalities, or other classes?
Reflect not just about violence and the media/poverty but also about people you know and their relation to violence and media/poverty. These people might become useful participants in your research as interviewees or survey respondents. To help you recall and think through their relation to these topics, try freewriting as a way to brainstorm possible research topics.

Conducting research

There are two general kinds of academic research: primary and secondary.

Primary research discovers new knowledge, through ethnographic observations, interviews, surveys, experiments, etc.
Secondary research reports someone else’s primary research, by summarizing / analyzing their research found in scholarly books, scholarly journals, scholarly Web sites, etc.

To inquire into your topic, you can either conduct primary
research, such as ethnographic observations, interviews, a survey, or
scholarly research about a specific aspect of poverty.
Notice how the essays we’ve read draw on primary research to support the author’s observations.

Research enabled these authors to test their own attitudes against others’ experiences, to discover new
ideas, and to support their ideas with evidence.

Your research should similarly seek to test your own initial attitudes against others’ experiences, to discover new ideas, and to support your ideas with evidence you can present in your essay.

Secondary research is also required. It will be useful to position your essay in relation to academic research that either extends or challenging the ideas in the readings.
Since your topic will overlap with one or more topics
in the essays, you will synthesize your topic
into the research “conversation” that you yourself have entered into by
discussing and citing related areas in the weekly discussions.

Length: Your essay should be no less than 4 pages in length. Make sure that your draft meets this minimum. A draft that
does not meet this minimum will receive a failing grade.
Title: The assignment is called Essay Four- Research, but you should create a title that is specific to your essay — distinguishing your essay from those of your classmates — and that informs and invites readers to your essay.
References: A minimum of 4 sources is required. Credit ideas and phrases that come from other sources by citing each source at its point of use in your essay, and include a Work Cited page at the end of your essay. You must use the MLA guidelines.
Follow MLA guidelines both for formatting the essay, and documenting sources.

Evaluation criteria

Complex thinking, research, and writing cannot be readily reduced to a mathematical formula. Our syllabus offers general criteria for all course assignments. Important criteria for this assignment include

the resourcefulness of your research;
the development and interpretation of your research results into perspectives that your audience would find credible and significant;
the organization of your research and perspectives into a cohesive essay.

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