Write a 3 to 4 page interview report.

Building on the theories and methods within production studies each team member will identify one person who is currently working within the industry. You will interview this person about their career so as to gain insight into the person, her/his job, her/his routine. As you interview the person listen carefully for any narratives that they use when explaining their job, listen carefully also for ways in which they encode their job. Ensure that there are no duplications in interviewing people from members within your group. As I am sure you can imagine media people are busy. It is important that you provide yourself with enough time to find someone, persuade them to let you interview them, and work out a time or times to conduct the interview. It is preferable that you interview this person in person where you can see their job in action. Each member will write a 3 to 4 page interview report. In some ways this is an ideal opportunity to network with media practitioners. It is extremely important that you put your best foot forward in these interviews. Prepare carefully for them. You are not only representing the UWB and your classmates, most importantly you are representing yourself. Be polite and businesslike at all times.
Please use this website as the resources for media professionals experience:

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