Working with Excel and Workforce Statistics


  • Meets Requirements of the Assignment, Presented Professionally (Yes/No): 60 percent
    1. Part 1: Two paragraphs are required (about 200 words)
    2. Part 2: Two Tables are required, professionally displayed
    3. Part 3: One paragraph (about 100 words) and 1 FRED Graph is required
    4. Writing Intense Only: One page on whether Trump is accurate in saying unemployment is around 42%.
  • Communicates information efficiently AND accurately: 40 percent
    • Make sure you have your name, a title for this deliverable, and the date at the top of your work. Add section titles to separate the different parts of the assignment. This should look professional.
    • Did you answer the questions correctly?
    • Do you begin paragraphs with useful 1st sentences (i.e. to the point, summarize the paragraph, introduce the main points)?
    • Does your writing have substance?
    • DO NOT use the words “I”, “we”, or “you”. Instead talk about what rates are doing or what researchers are saying about your topic. I want you to write in the 3rd person, active voice.
    • DO NOT start sentences with non-specific words: These, This, That, There


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