Wild Safari Navigational Movie Analysis

Wild Safari Navigational Movie

For this assignment, you will use your conceptual plan that you created in the Week 3 Discussion Board and create the design and layout in Flash. You will then decide on a layout and loading method that will best suit the needs for allowing access to the three safari movies.

In many cases, Flash movies can be made into movie clip symbols and placed in the library for use on the Timeline. However, for this course, you will load the three previous SWF movies externally with ActionScript for the best possible Web optimization.

Important Note

It is very important to save and back up your raw files (such as any Photoshop .psd files) so that you can easily make adjustments when preparing your portfolio in a later course. Please use the student storage space in the Academic tab to keep a copy of your work.

Assignment Guidelines:

  • Using Flash, Photoshop, or Illustrator, create the Wild Safari interface that incorporates your own theme and design. Be creative!
    • The interface should be easy to navigate and should look professional.
    • Keep in mind that this movie’s intended use is for the Web, so the published file size should be targeted for lower bandwidth users.
  • Using ActionScript, allow for the three external SWF movies to be loaded into the user interface movie based on various user interactions.
    • Access to the three movies must be independent of each other.
  • User-activated buttons should be created for your user interface that load (text and/or images).
  • Publish a Flash Player (.swf) version of your finished Flash movie. Place all of the files necessary for the movie to play successfully into a folder and zip it.
    • These interfaces will not function from within the zipped folder; the contents must be extracted into a folder on your desktop.
  • Please submit your compressed (zipped) folder containing the .swf files and the .fla files.
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