Why you need a place like the one described or the significance of the place.

You will be vividly and clearly describing a place that has left you with a strong impression. Just as a setting can reveal theme and character in literature, the place you chose to write about will leave the reader with a singular, dominant impression (much like a theme). After you have chosen what place you want to write about, think about why you remember it: that will become your dominant impression. Choose a topic that is narrow enough to develop colorfully. For example, the corner store or hang out would be better than Chicago or Tampa! If you want to write a nostalgic piece, childhood places—the basement, under a favorite tree, Grandma’s house, the back porch—work well. Also, as we discussed in class, a meeting place, the center part of a Venn Diagram, would make a beautiful essay: the different “places” people intersect with each other, such as a parent’s embrace, the daily ritual of brushing hair; the possibilities are many! If you are a musician, the meeting place could be where you meet with the instrument. Or if you are an athlete, cook, seamstress, whatever your talent is, the place could be where you meet with your “gift.” Introduction: In the introduction, colorfully describe the opposite of your dominant impression. For example, if you’re writing about the serenity of your bathroom, write about the chaos outside the bathroom door! Work down to a thesis in the last sentence of your introduction that reveals your place and the dominant impression. Whatever your dominant impression is will be what is developed in the body paragraphs. Body Paragraphs: In your body paragraphs, using colorful word choices, analogies, and showing writing, develop your dominant impression. Make sure you do not stray from your dominant impression! Have a structural plan for each paragraph. Conclusion: In the conclusion, do not merely restate your dominant impression, but, perhaps, speak to the future, ruminate on why you need a place like the one described or the significance of the place.

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