Why were these ideas important to you?

Weekly assignment (this will be part of your discussion forum grade for this week):

As evaluators we can create evaluation plans and evaluations for any organization and school. Even if we are not experts in the subject matter content or industry, we bring the subject matter expertise in evaluation and can partner with others who will provide the expertise in the content and industry. Here is an interesting article from Atlantic magazine website (Jan 20, 2014) on an elementary school in Greenville, South Carolina   (http://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2014/01/americas-tiniest-engineers-report-from-greenville-south-carolina/283199/)         that has an integrated approach to learning and STEM education.

Do the following:

    • Read the article.
    • By THURSDAY, write a post, following the posting guidelines for the class, discussing how this program might be evaluated based on your knowledge of the five levels of evaluation.  Respond to the posts of at least one of your classmates by the end of the week.
    • This assignment will be part of your discussion forum grade for this week.


Forum Discussion

You will be completing original posts on two different topics this week.

1. Your regularly forum discussion on the reading (original post no later than Wednesday. Responses no later than Sunday.)

There is a lot of information in the chapter and videos this week  So, this week we’re going to try a slightly less structured discussion. Use the questions below to start your discussion on the information for this week:

    • What were the two or three most important ideas you took from the information this week?
      • Why were these ideas important to you?
      • How do these ideas relate to your current (or future) work environment?
    • What information in this chapter surprised you?  Why?
    • You are in the third week of the semester (about 18% through the class):
      • How have your ideas of evaluation changed?
      • In what way have your ideas stayed the same?
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