Why Jobs and not Zuckerberg or Musk?

Time for you to consider one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the past century.

Using what we have learned in the course thus far about entrepreneurship, competition, competitive advantage and the ways companies compete (cost vs. differentiation), industry forces, you will answer one of several questions in a single essay about the modern entrepreneur as exemplified in the remarkable life of Steve Jobs.  Why Jobs and not Zuckerberg or Musk?  Because Jobs has impacted more lives in more ways than has any other entrepreneur in the past 100 years.


Here are the questions for consideration in writing your Jobs individual paper.


  • Steve Jobs believed in Simplicity and in Focus in conceiving and designing great products.  Discuss pros and cons.
  • Please break your paper up with boldface section headings so that I can follow your organization and reasoning.  This paper is between 3-4 pages (800-1000 words), 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins all around, double-spaced.
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