Why do the Minutemen believe they are needed?

The assignment contains two part. Respond to both parts of this assignment on one word document.
1. Go to the Immigration: A Dictionary and Refeerence Guide Chapter 9, Document 4 begining on p.199″Propostion 187 of 1994- Auguments in favor and Against” Create any sort of visual representation of the arguments for and against Proposition 187. The visual representation can be in one of several forms, including a chart or a graph, a poster, a political ad, a television commerical, or anything else you can think of.

2. Read the article “Patriots or vigilantes? [Florida’s Minutemen on lookout for illegals”] I had to google this part. And watch [Minutemen Patrol the Border with Mexico]. Which I just type out what the video stated almost word for word. Then respond to the following:
Why do the Minutemen believe they are needed?
Are the minutemen racist? Why or Why not?
Citation: MLA “Minutemen Patrol the Border with Mexico” Mark Mullen,
correspondent. NBC Tiday Show. NBCUniversal media, 4 Apr. 2005 NBC Learn. WEB 29 Nov. 2015

This is what the video spoke about and I will upload the reading part to send out.
Minute Patrol the Border with Mexico
A Controversial project is on the way today along Arizona’s Border with Mexico volunteers are on Patrol looking fo illegal immigrants and mugglers. (NBC Ann)

NBC has more with Mark Mullen. Today is the first day the so called minutemen will be out in force along the U.S Mexico border Arizona they were busy tho over the weekend claiming credit for the arrest of eighteen illegal immigrants over the weekend.

About 400 Volunteers this month expected to join the so called minutemen citizens frustrated with what they claim a failure to protect and control U.S Border (Mark Mullen

(Citizen) It’s not a matter of just mexicans crossing the border pretty much anybody can get into Mexico can get into the United States.

(Mark Mullen) Volunteers will expand out in groups about a hundred yards each other in a cross 23 miles Arizona of San Petro Valley. A favored crossing point for an illegal immigrants and mugglers.
Although minutemen say they will only observe and report illegal immigrants, so human rights organization and residents fear the the minutemen could lead to vilgilantes violence.

(Patrol Jose Garza) We rather they they leave the job between our border to the hands of a Patrol agent.

(Mark Mullen) Patrol agenta are keeping a close watch on the minutemen as well as the border. Some of the harsh critics actually accused the minutemen to be an anti-immigrated extreme has brought the minutemen campaign comes as a concern. The terrorists might slip in the states through these Southern Borders.

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