Why did Shen Fu live a “floating life?”

“shen fu: six records of a floating life” is the primary source for this assignment.
Question Prompt
Select one of two question and answer it in the format of a short paper (4-6 pages).
1) Why did Shen Fu live a “floating life?” What was life like for Chinese literati or scholar officials; what did they enjoy and despise doing? How did movement affect the lives of these scholars?
use shen fu book especially chapters 3 and 4
An ideal project will feature a strong thesis statement that answers the questions prompt, supporting evidence from the assigned reading ,a clear and polished presentation, and minimal grammatical mistakes. Examples within the paper

Excellent thesis, clear outline, good setup

Clear and logical arguments, excellent use of evidence, good examples

Few to no grammatical errors, concise, good flow, good topic sentences

in text citation must include the source and page number of the information.
use only the provided sources.

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