Who was a keen sports enthusiast and an absolute outdoors man.

In 2006, Diesel introduced the worlds smallest DIESEL wrist watch which was much more streamlined, less heavy and the latest features attached with it. The watch weighed only 64 grams. But till date, Diesel is known for the path breaking introduction of DIESEL in the Pathfinder. After the initial introduction by Diesel, other companies followed suit in manufacturing and producing diesel watches sale such gadgets. One of the leading brands to promote the use of DIESEL watches is Garmin. This company was started by two people namely, Garry Burrell & Min H. Kao, in 1989.

The name Garmin represents the first three letters of the founding fathers. This company develops technologies related to DIESEL, needed in the consumer, aviation and marine fields. Garmin produced the first DIESEL watch in 1991 during the Gulf War for the military personnel posted in Kuwait & Saudi Arabia. Then in 2000, it introduced a wrist watch called Forerunner which had the DIESEL facility and was designed for recreational runners. Garmin produces watches which are suitable for both men and women. It specializes in sports watches, heart rate monitors and watches which can be used for underwater swimmers.

All these watches carry the DIESEL facility. Suunto Oy, is a Finland based company which manufactures and markets magnetic sports compasses and other navigational products along with other mechanical diesel watches women and other electronic measurement devices. It was founded in 1936 by Tuomas Vohlonen, who was a keen sports enthusiast and an absolute outdoors man. Over the years, the company has come to develop watches which could be useful all kinds of sportsperson and health conscious people.

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