Who Gets What From Imported Oil?

Blog 2

Read carefully “Who Gets What From Imported Oil?” at http://www.opec.org/opec_web/static_files_project/media/downloads/publications/Who_Gets_What_Feb2014.pdf.
Write a concise paragraph (100-150 words) in which (1) you state the main point made in the reading and (2) you express your own view on OPEC wealth and power based on “who gets what from imported oil.” To submit blogs in this course, you click on the link to the blog as it appears in one of the subheadings of Course Documents, create a blog entry by typing it, and post it. Do not submit blogs from course tools, as attachments, or as email messages because they will not be accepted. This is Blog 2 and it is worth 2 points (2 percent of your final grade).

Homework 2

1. Access the CIA World Factbook at: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/index.html

2. Using the menu “Select a Country or Location,” compute the total GDP (in US dollar) of all 22 Arab League members (note that the State of Palestine is implicitly referred to as “Gaza Strip” and “West Bank” (because the State of Israel continues to pressure the U.S. not to recognize the State of Palestine) in 2013 (or the available year). You should use ONLY the “GDP ( official exchange rate)” whenever available, NOT the GDP (purchasing power parity). Using the same CIA source, compute also the total population of the 22 Arab League states. Find out the GDP per capita of the 22 Arab League members. The GDP per capita is obtained by dividing the total GDP (official exchange rate in US dollar) in 2013 (or the available year) by the total population in 2014 (or the available year).

3. Compare and contrast the GDP per capita of the Arab world (the 22 Arab League members) in 2013 (or the available year) with the GDP per capita of EACH ONE of the following countries: France, Germany, Japan, Israel, and the United States in 2013 (or the available year).

4. Compare and contrast the GDP per capita of the State of Israel with the GDP per capita of the State of Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip).

Based on (1) the above compare-and-contrast analysis and (2) the publicized stereotypes about the wealth of the Arab world, write a 200 to 300 word-essay summarizing your findings and conclusions which MUST be illustrated by citing (only in text) the correct compared figures (GDP per capita). Do not submit tables or separate figures with your essay, but you should cite the relevant figures in the body of the essay to make your point.

Homework 2 is worth 5 points (5 percent of your final grade). Sources for homework assignments must be cited briefly and ONLY between parentheses in the text. Each homework assignment in this course must be formatted as a Microsoft Word file and uploaded through the TurnItIn link (View/Complete) by the deadline. No other submission will be accepted.

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