Which written account (Patriot or Loyalist) do you find more believable and why?

You are required to read/view and compare the set of documents contained in the PDA #2 Documents Folder.

Answer the following three questions in an essay with a MINIMUM length of Two (2) FULL Pages:

1. Which written account (Patriot or Loyalist) do you find more believable and why?

2. Based upon the narratives and testimonies of the incident, how accurate do you believe the two visual depictions of the “Boston Massacre” (Henry Pelham’s and Paul Revere’s) are and why?

3. If you were an average colonist exposed to these various documents, would they have tipped the scale on your decision to rebel or stay loyal to the crown? Why?

Please remember to use specific evidence from these documents to support your arguments.

Please follow the Formatting and Citation requirements posted in both the Orientation and Writing Assignments pages. Grammar and spelling will also be considered when your essay is graded. The papers are due by the specified deadlines found in both the Syllabus and the Announcements page on this course website. This Primary Document Analysis is worth 50 possible points.

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