Which have been most helpful in guiding your thinking about this topic?

Progress Report on the Literature Review Research Paper

Please upload to the Discussions section (Literature Review Progress Report) on Blackboard BY 10.30 on Thursday 12th November: your responses to the following questions.

In our class in the Computer Lab on Thursday you will be able to read the work of other students and ask questions, provide feedback, comment…


What were you trying to find out? (What is your theme and what are your aims?)
How have you gone about it? (What are your methods?) (EbscoHost, interviews etc)
What is the scope of your research?
Why is this research significant and what is its ongoing relevance?
What is your interest in it?
What have the constraints been?

Literature Review

What are the debates and controversies around your theme?
What is your evaluation of [each of] of these?
And, if useful and applicable:

What accounts are there of its causes? What is your evaluation of each of these accounts?
What proposals are there for alleviation/further research? What is your evaluation of these?

Sources Consulted:

List the sources you have consulted
Which have been most helpful in guiding your thinking about this topic?
What gaps are there still in your knowledge?
How will you fill these gaps?

Tentative Statement of Position

In the light of your research so far, where are you?
Is there anything that is missing or inadequately developed?
What possible future developments, courses of action or further research can you see?

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: