When did you first begin to write English language essays?

Congratulations on completing the final course in First Year Composition! Over the past two or more semesters you have be taught how to compose academic work in various genres. These semesters of writing experience are designed to prepare you for the task of crafting essays and composing paragraph responses in your future coursework.

Your final writing assignment in ENG108 is a mixed genre assignment that marries the argument essay with a reflection essay. It will be formatted in the form of a personal letter of advice addressed to a student new not only to Arizona State University, but the American university system and most particularly, English composition coursework. This means you have to think back to your own experiences in your English writing courses. What advice might you offer to help a student newly arrived at the university succeed in WAC107, ENG107 and/or ENG108? What did you do to ensure your success? What do you wish you had done to make your experience more successful? What do you wish you had done (but did not do) to make your experience in English composition a valuable one? What hints do you have? What recommendations? What wise words do you wish some older, more experienced student had told you?

In short, image that you had received a letter from a more advanced student when you first began your journey in English composition. What do you wish you have been told? What tips would have helped you in understanding what you have to do to earn a strong grade in your composition courses? What shortcuts did you learn? What resources were most helpful? What have you learned?

Your letter should include some information about your rhetorical situation. Who are you? Where are you from? What is your major? When did you first begin to write English language essays? How did you manage to succeed in your composition coursework? Why do you think you can help someone (what have you learned)?

It is my goal to share your letters with my future students, so make them worthy of reading. More importantly, make them represent your composition skills. Please remember, rather than merely tell students what they should do, show them by providing explicit examples based on your own experiences. This is an opportunity for you to provide information to someone who wants to learn from you.

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