what you’ve learned about work in your field

I’d like 400 words at the minimum. The career you should write about is a Software Engineer.


Assignment below:

It’s a day five years from right now.

You have just accomplished something important in your career.

A local radio show is interviewing you about what you’ve done.


  1. The text of this imaginary interview.  You create both the interviewer’s questions and your answers. Have the interviewer ask you 5-8 career related questions. Make your interview at least 300 words long. (To count words, cut and paste into your word processing system. Use the Word Count tool there. On most computers, 300 words are at least 25 lines.)
  2. As an appendix to your interview, list & describe three career actions you could take in the coming year – to help you get where you want to be in the future.

Possible interview topics:

  • some history of your work life
  • how you got to where you are
  • the best practical steps you took to launch & advance your career
  • how you view the progression of your career
  • how economic & social trends have affected your career
  • what you’ve learned about work in your field
  • the work accomplishments you’re most proud of
  • your work goals for the future
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