What would you advise for future versions of (MAN4885)?

Note this extends your vision into the future!  It is not about the classes at (any school).  Furthermore, you NEED NOT put project management at center-stage of your future career to do well in this assignment – it is about ideas, logic, and critical thinking.  Review your learning in (MAN4885, complex and advanced project mode)but focus on the opportunities you have.  How might you maximize your career options and what resources do you plan to use?

What would you advise for future versions of (MAN4885)?  Amongst other items you find important, specifically identify if it has helped transition to peer- and self-learning in this field.

If you have career plans, outline your project to success (it may not be project management but view your career as a project).

Provide a Word document, use formal business writing (not APA), but do include a title page, double spacing, and introduction and a conclusion.  Do cite all of your sources and provide references that comply with APA 6th ed – but this only applies if you consulted resources.

Do provide a formal introduction and conclusion.  Diagrams and tables are welcome.


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