What was is like to be a blue eyed student?

psychology eassay

a class divided video questions

1.the first day:

a. what was is like to be a blue eyed student?

b.what was it like to be brown eyed student?

2.how do you think you would react in their situations?why?

3.who suffers discrimination in our country today?how is their experinace simler to this film?

4.what caused the kids to be so mean to one another?what would you sayis the cause of racsim?

5.how did things change once the kids roles were switched? why?

6.are ther other today that this applies may apply to besides just racism?explain?


must watch the video in this link and witre an assay 2 pages double space https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PBYn7p0_0o

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