What type of organizational culture permeates the organization.

For this paper it is required that research is done into the business of

“Nontraditional Employment for Women” this business located in New York. Please only complete the INTRODUCTION of the which should state: Purpose Statement The paper addressed issues such as where, when and what. The paper linked the context to the course’s focus in a logical sense. The language used to present the central message was effective.

also, SUBJECT MATTER section which should provide the following:
The paper showed sufficient research about the subject. Or the paper successfully provided explanations for: 1) how differentiation and integration play role in the structure, 2) From human resource’s standpoint if the organization operate under model I or Model II, 3) What power organizational members have, 4) what power does the organization have, and 5) what type of organizational culture permeates the organization. There was a logical flow of ideas and effective delivery.

Followed by Building on the subject matter, the paper provided excellent analysis of the organizational structure. Excellent analysis explains the current reality of the organization and links these realities to the course’s content. There was evidence of new ideas emerging from the analysis.
Use one page to complete this task of answering the question #4 (what power does this organization have).

The text book used for this course is Re-framing organizations 5th edition

Please use the company’s website as well as other credible online sources to find information about the company

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