What sources have you consulted so far?

This should be an update of what you have at this point for your Partner Project.
At the top of your paper list:
Writing Assignment 6
Your name
Your partner’s name
Your topic
Your write-up should be at least one page in length (doublespaced) and address these five questions:
What sources have you consulted so far?
2. What have you learned so far about your topic?
3. What 2-3 major concepts do you plan to include in your work about your artist?
4. How many slides you have developed at this point? What are they?
5. How are you and your partner going to present: one at a time or alternating?
my artist is Vinci my name is Huang Endong and my partner’s name is James
Type of paper Academic level Subject area
Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: