What should John do?

Don’t need resources— John is a university student in L.A. He is going home to Boston for the summer and has started looking for a summer internship. After a couple of months of searching, he finds an amazing internship with a small, local company in his hometown. His interview goes really well, and he is offered the internship. As he is reading through the internship offer, he discovers that the company hires interns for a strict minimum of 6 months. What should John do? Should he take the job that he is clearly qualified for and then quit in 3 months to go back to school? Or should he be honest and turn down the position because he would not be able to be there for the full 6 months? Explain your answer. • ¾-1 page single spaced, using Times New Roman 12 pt font (400-500 words) • You can make realistic and logical assumptions, but cannot add or create details. • Use your own words – do not copy large parts of the question. • Make sure to use appropriate grammar to clearly express your ideas. • Do not use first or second person Follow the format specified: 1. Introduction 2. Points in favor of side A 3. Points in favor of Side B 4. Possible third option 5. Conclusion with your recommendation

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