What professional development will you need – certificates, on-going continuing education credits, graduate degree(s), etc?

Rough Draft of Final Paper: Professional Philosophy of Education.

You will submit your first draft of the final project and receive feedback from your instructor in the grade book and also from your classmates in the Week Four discussion one forum.  Based on this feedback and your own further research, you will be able to make corrections and add that information to the Final Project in Week Five.  In this 3-page paper, be sure to address all three parts of the assignment in your rough draft to earn more points.

Part 1:  What is your future career? i want to be a teacher for public elementary school 2-5grade more i farther my education higher the grade i want to teach

  • Identify what position in education you would like to have and at what type of organization you will work.  Is it private, public, proprietary, non-profit, online, children, adults, families, etc?  (Refer to the Week 1 journal).
  • After investigating this career, why do you feel this is a good fit for you?

Part 2:  Professional philosophy 

  • What is your theoretical perspective on teaching and learning?  Address the following items in this part of your paper.
  • What is the purpose of education?  (Refer to the Week 2 journal)
  • How do students learn and how will you assist in learning in your future career?
  • What professional development will you need – certificates, on-going continuing education credits, graduate degree(s), etc?

Part 3:  Investigate the standards in your chosen field 

  • Utilizing the first Discussion forum this week as a guide, discuss the standards in your chosen professional field.  This may depend on the type of school or professional organization to which you will belong.  Share/Discuss three to four standards that are expected of professionals in your field.  Why are these standards important to your professional philosophy of education?

This 3-page paper should address each part of this assignment.  Your reference page should consist of at least three outside scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook, all in SPA formatting.  To improve your SPA skills in style, formatting, citing, and referencing please visit the SPA Lecture in the Learning Resources tab in the left side of the course shell.  To check and improve your college level writing please use the Ash ford Writing Center resources at:

See the following list of professional organizations websites to assist your search.

Professional Association Websites

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
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