What one instance of ambiguity have you come across that did not require a project management tool?

While many project managers view project tasks as problems that can be identified and sorted out with the use of project management concepts and techniques, there are certain complex problems that may be encountered, which have not been contemplated by the developers of such techniques and tools.  On numerous occasions, I have come across many ambiguities that do not require the use of project management tools, checklists, as well as techniques. Such problems do not fall within the scope of these popular tools such as PEMBROKE. However, how they are handled determine whether the project will be successful or not. For instance, there may be times when I need to make urgent decisions that require sufficient information. However, since it is an extremely urgent decision yet the process of data gathering is lengthy and tiresome, the ideal step to take would be to do what I feel is right. This implies that while project management concept, tools and techniques are important, but there are certain unique contexts that require the project manager to figure out what to do during ambiguities. Bearing in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all approach of handling problems, ignoring some major project challenges just because there are no clear guidelines on how to solve them is not advisable


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