What observations would you make about how the curriculum is structured in each?

“What core values should underpin the curriculum? What things (understandings, skills, dispositions)
are essential for all students to learn by the time they leave school?”
– Killen (2005, p.69)
The New South Wales curriculum and assessment structures are discussed in
Lecture 2. The structures provide some indication of the underpinning values and
philosophy of the New South Wales educational system. Not all educational systems,
even across the Australian states and territories, are the same. This has significant
implications as Australia works towards a national curriculum.
Compare and contrast the NSW curriculum and assessment structure with that of
another jurisdiction in Australia or overseas drawing on relevant websites of the
jurisdictions and readings. Present findings in the form of a two-part report. Part 1 will
require you to provide comparison information, mostly in point form, onto a
downloadable proforma. Part 2 will be a short report addressing the following
What observations would you make about how the curriculum is structured in each?
What observations would you make about the assessment policies in each?
What inferences about underlying educational philosophies and values might be
drawn from the different structures?
What are the implications of the above for the National Curriculum?
In your report you will:
1. Choose an Australian state or territory jurisdiction whose structure is different
from that of New South Wales, (BEd TESOL students excepted),
2. Analyse the similarities and differences between the curriculum and assessment
structures, especially the role that any formal examinations play in the
educational systems, and
3. From your analysis, critically reflect on the educational values and philosophies of
the two jurisdictions,
4. Discuss any implications that you see arising for the development of an Australian
national curriculum.
Your report will be evaluated against the following criteria:
understanding of the curriculum and assessment structures of the two
analysis of the similarities and differences
description of the role of assessment
inferences drawn about values and philosophies of the two educational
coherence of the argument and referencing

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