What might they say to counter your point of view?

Choose a college-related issue about which you are concerned. Possible topics include admissions policies, honor codes, class size, textbook costs, or grade inflation among others. Don’t let this list limit you though!
Next, write (and label as such) a claim, 3-5 statements of support, and any relevant assumptions about this issue.Then consider the opposition. What might they say to counter your point of view? Try to think of 3-5 things they might say against your ideas. Next, write a paragraph or two in which you organize your thoughts and ideas about this issue and the claim, support, and assumptions you have made using either deduction or induction. Also use Pathos and Ethos to make an appeal for your claim. Then write another paragraph or two that addresses your opposition’s ideas using induction or deduction. Try to include a discussion of why they are not valid, and use concession if they do have relevant points with which you can agree.

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