What kind or type of culture shock they experienced when they first came to Kuwait?

  • The topic is culture adaptation ( adoption )

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FIrst part 


1- I have to interview 4 people ( Indians Chinese….)

(Experts professors students……)


-What kind or type of culture shock they experienced  when they first came to Kuwait?

And whether they tolerated? how do they feel where they tolerated by Kuwaitis ?


– why culture tolerance of a foreign country is  required in international marketing.


Based on what you learn those people, you will learn about feelings and their problems and difficulties when they first arrived in foreign countries. And knowing this, now you have to take this knowledge and apply to marketing and answer  the questions whether it’s difficult to adopt to foreign culture if it’s difficult for people it’s probably will be very difficult to also introduce those products and adopt those products to foreign culture. So that’s why am asking you why culture tolerance in other nations are important and required to International marketing. you have to answer those


The second part of the presentation


You will identify or you will give domestic examples and foreign examples ( culture imperatives + culture electives + culture exclusive)  examples of each category what is it about



The last question of the presentation

To Discuss the factor that determined successfully global adaptation


you have to inculde a video ( 1 min max: 2 min)


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