What is your strategy for trying to relate to employees/customers?

This is asimple power point chart.  Read the scenario and answer the questions.




Individually, read the other group’s scenario and diagnose the behavioral styles of the characters.  Use the Confrontation Resolution Tree to walk through the scenario and help you define the characters.  In a written paper, state your diagnosis of the behavioral styles of the characters and justify it with references to the scenario and Confrontation Resolution Tree.  Include a personal reflection section in your paper, in which you consider your own behavioral style.  How do you relate to the employee/customer?  What is your strategy for trying to relate to employees/customers?




Student clearly states the behavioral style diagnosis for each character in the scenario, and justifies the diagnoses with references to a personality assessment tool and to the confrontation resolution tree.  


Student reflects on his/her own behavioral style in detail and discusses how s/he might relate to the characters in the scenario.  Discusses in detail a strategy (or strategies) for trying to relate to employees/customers as a manager.  



Demonstrates knowledge and use of writing mechanics, enhances the readability. Use Word’s grammar tool proofing settings at Grammar and Style to avoid errors.


Correctly uses in-text citations for all sources: properly formats paper and references page according to APA guidelines.



Well organized and neat presentation of information; strong and appropriate transitions where necessary.

Expresses ideas clearly and logically.




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