What is the poem’s attitude towards its audience—e.g.

Reading Reports. One poem in each day’s reading list is listed in boldface. Write a 1-2 page, single-spaced report on that poem answering the following questions.:
1. Who is the speaker of the poem? Do not assume that the speaker is the poet. The poet often creates a character to speak his or her poem, and even if the poet is speaking in his own voice, that speaker is still a created character.
2. What is the situation? What is happening in the poem? Is the speaker describing or narrating events? Does the poem center on feelings? Is it specific or abstract?
3. What is the tone of the speaker and the poem? Is it serious, comic, ironic, angry, bitter, or some combination?
4. What is the poem’s attitude towards its audience—e.g., the last two stanzas of Wilfred Owens’ “Apologia pro Poemate Meo.”
5. Is the poem’s language straightforward or complex? Are there a lot of complex figures of speech or is the language pretty direct?

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