What is the NRA’s website?

Write a paper on the NRA – National Rifle Association


Perform a web search to locate the NRA’s main web site. Also, perform a web search for recent information about your group’s activities. Make sure your paper answers all the questions.

1. What is the NRA’s website?

2. What are the issues the NRA is concerned with?

3. What actions does the NRA take to try to influence policy and the public agenda?

4. Assess the NRA: What are its strengths and weaknesses?

Back up what you say with specific examples demonstrating their effectiveness (or lack of effectiveness). Remember to find weaknesses of the group; you will likely need to research beyond the group’s main website. Every group has a weakness – your task is to find it. A response like, “I didn’t find any weaknesses” is not acceptable. Start by Googling “opposition to …” and you will find things. Some things will not be accurate or fair. Your job is to sort those out.

5. Summarize a news article from the organization or group in a paragraph.

NOTE: Be sure to include the websites where you found your information.

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