What is the essay trying to establish/accomplish? Does it do so in an Excellent, Good, Okay, or Passable manner? Why?

  • Let’s use this space as a preparation for our peer review next week. Please respond to the following:
    • Using the sample essay provided, make suggestions to improve the draft and discuss areas that the student writer did well. For instance, you could discuss any number of elements we examined this quarter, including the introduction, the thesis statement, the writer’s voice, how well the draft achieves its purpose, the description and detail, the writer’s support for the thesis, the structure, APA style, or even the conclusion.
    • The following questions will help you successfully evaluate the sample student’s work:
      1. What is the essay trying to establish/accomplish?  Does it do so in an Excellent, Good, Okay, or Passable manner?  Why?
      2. If there is one thing that you could learn from this person’s draft and apply to your own future work, what would it be?  Why did you pick that element?
      3. Does the support work for the essay or against it?  Why?
      4. How strong is the writer’s stance?  Is there anything you would suggest to improve next time?
      5. Does the essay make a strong first impression?  Why or why not?
      6. Does the essay leave a solid lasting impression?  Why or why not?
      7. Summarize your general thoughts on the presentation and applaud the best parts of the work
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