What is the company’s current ratio? Meaning?

Financial Statement Analysis Project:
1. Select two companies that belong to the
same industry. These companies may actually
be fierce competitors…….
2. Obtain the annual reports in the library,
directly from the company, or via a website
3. Write a short report for each company
containing the answers to the following
What is the company’s P/E ratio? Meaning?
What is the company’s debt-to-equity ratio?
What is the company’s current ratio? Meaning?
What is the company’s quick ratio? Meaning?
What is the company’s EPS? Meaning?
4. Write an additional short report comparing
and contrasting the two companies using the
attributes contained in the above questions.

Important Project Details!!!!!!
1. The entire case project should be
typewritten, and must have introduction about the two companies and what the paper about and must have a conclusion…….
2. A typical length for the entire write-up would
be 2-4 pages depending on spacing, font, etc……..
3. Use complete sentences to answer the
questions. Do not provide 1-word answers.
Give me something to grade…….
4. Companies selected may be from any
industry, but they must be publicly traded on a
U.S.-based stock exchange (i.e., NYSE,
NASDAQ, AMEX) and their financial statements
must be presented in U.S. dollars $……

This how you use the website:
Using www.sec.gov

1. Click on Asearch for company filings@ under the Filings drop-down menu……

2. Click on Acompany or fund name, ticker symbol, etc.”……

3. Enter company name or ticker symbol…….

4. Select company from the list of companies provided……

5. Scroll down and click on the most recent 10-K (annual report)……..

6. Click on the link that provides you with the entire 10-K report……..

7. You may either view or print the document at this time……..

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: