What is the biggest challenge facing college students today? Why?

W5  Essay Prompt
For this essay, follow the Writing and Formatting Your Essay Guidelines that you followed in the previous assignments and review the Essay Grading Guidelines. As always, please review my notes/comments in previous essays before submitting this assignment. Doing so will help you avoid repeating past mistakes.
Consider the following question:
What is the biggest challenge facing college students today? Why?
Take a stand and provide convincing reasons.
Read some sources on the topic. (Note: all sources you use to support your argument need to be available to me on the Internet or through the MSU library databases.)
Remember, take a stand (thesis statement), then use topic sentences to introduce paragraphs that support your stand/thesis.
References note:
Use a minimum of 2 authoritative, credible online sources to support your argument, at least 1 source in each body paragraph. Each quote should be introduced in the text with a signal phrase: let the reader know in advance whom you are quoting and the context of the source. All sources are correctly cited in the text using parenthetical citations where needed, and each source is included in a Works Cited or Reference section at the end of the document, following MLA style guidelines (see course textbook) consistently. Do not cite sources in the body of the essay with Internet addresses (URLs), nor only use a URL for the reference at the end of the document.

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